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Woman in dressing gown filing her finger nails

Time to stop biting your nails

21 May 2020 | Health news

Nail biting is a common habit that can be triggered by overstimulation and feelings of anxiety.

Toilet with the seat up

When a gut feeling could be a problem

6 April 2020 | Health news

April is the awareness month for both bowel cancer and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). If your doctor says that you need endoscopy to investigate symptoms, you can ask to be referred to us to have your tests done.

Smiling consultant and patient have a meeting

Why health anxiety is a medical problem

23 March 2020 | Health news

The ironic thing about hypochondria is that it’s actually a medical condition itself. People with health anxiety may not be suffering from the illnesses they imagine they have but they may be suffering from a mental health condition which can seriously affect their wellbeing.

Colleagues from Practice Plus Group Hospital, Shepton Mallet smiling

Shepton Mallet Treatment Centre best in country for knee surgery

10 March 2020 | Team news

A national measure of the results of surgery has identified Shepton Mallet Treatment Centre as best in the country for primary knee replacement surgery.

Dr Susanne Charlton, trigger thumb and a carpal tunnel decompression patient

GP praises Peninsula Treatment Centre

21 February 2020 | Team news

When Dr Susanne Charlton a GP at Port View Surgery, needed treatment for trigger thumb and a carpal tunnel decompression, she turned to Peninsula Treatment Centre in Plymouth.

Young woman with flu holding her nose

What is sinusitis?

19 February 2020 | Health news

Sinusitis is when your nasal passages becomes inflamed, usually due to an infection caused after a flu or cold.

A consultant's hands wearing blue gloves holding an endoscope

Your guide to endoscopy: symptoms, types, preparation and more

15 January 2020 | Health news

An endoscope is a long, thin, flexible tube that has a light and camera at the end for doctors to see the inside of your body on a television screen.

New decontamination and sterilisation equipment at Practice Plus Group Surgical Centre, Gillingham

£300,000 investment in Gillingham hospital’s decontamination facility

13 January 2020 | Team news

A £300,000 investment in sterile services will see patients at Practice Plus Group Surgical Centre, Gillingham safer than ever.

A lady with dandruff in her hair scratches her head with both hands

Causes and treatments for dandruff

8 January 2020 | Health news

Is your dandruff making you feel self-conscious? Fear not, dandruff can affect any of us and there are multiple ways of getting rid or reducing it.

An x-ray of two knees

5 signs you may need knee replacement surgery

8 December 2019 | Health news

More than 70,000 knee replacements took place across England and Wales last year. It is a major, yet effective and common operation and over time becomes the only way to eradicate pain and improve quality of life. How do you know when you need a knee replacement?

A woman and an elderly couple review a document on a sofa in the couple's living room

3 tips for having your NHS surgery sooner. Why wait longer than you need to?

1 December 2019 | Health news

The maximum waiting time for non-urgent consultant-led treatments is 18 weeks, and if you have to wait longer this is known as a ‘breach’. With a little research and discussion with your GP or other referring clinician, it is possible to receive such treatment well within the 18-week maximum period.

Three young women stand close together and smile

Everything you need to know about periods

19 October 2019 | Health news

Periods are natural, healthy and a part of the female experience, for most women; and though no two women’s periods are the same.