5 signs you may need a hip replacement

9 February 2019 | Health news

More than 50,500 hip replacements took place across England and Wales last year. It is a major, yet effective and common operation and over time becomes the only way to eradicate pain and improve quality of life. How do you know when you need a hip replacement?

Will Adams helps Strood man beat white coat syndrome

Will Adams helps Strood man beat white coat syndrome

11 December 2018 | Team news

Retired delivery driver Mr Thomas MacDonald had developed white coat syndrome some years ago when he had been told he could die under anaesthesia.

Crohn’s and Colitis

Crohn’s and Colitis: Don’t suffer in silence

5 December 2018 | Health news

Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis are diseases of the gut that can be debilitating for many sufferers.

Patient choice

Patient Choice in the NHS: 6 tips to help you choose where to have your NHS treatment

10 September 2018 | Health news

NHS patients have been able to choose where to receive NHS treatment since 2006, yet many of us still do not realise that Patient Choice is our right.

Volunteers Week

Be a volunteer – it’s good for you!

1 June 2018 | Health news

This week is Volunteer Week. Being a volunteer is a great way to give something of yourself to a favourite charity, cause or community – but as well as being good for those organisations, volunteering is also good for the health of you, the volunteer.

Private - How it works

Top 10 tips for preparing for surgery

4 May 2018 | Health news

Coming to hospital for surgery means a lot to think about, including being prepared.

Faster treatment

What is shingles and why do we need to vaccinate against it?

23 April 2018 | Health news

Shingles (medically known as Herpes Zoster), develops when the dormant chickenpox virus becomes re-activated in the body.

David Paine

Retired postman David swaps waiting list for faster treatment

26 March 2018 | Team news

When retired postman and keen angler David Paine had been waiting nine months for a knee replacement after his GP recommended he have surgery with no sign of an operation date in sight, he was at the point despair.

New surgeon brings specialist knowledge to Emersons Green

New surgeon brings specialist knowledge to Emersons Green

29 January 2018 | Team news

Emersons Green NHS Treatment Centre has appointed a new consultant orthopaedic surgeon to further boost the services available to patients across the region.

Good Health News

An easy way to ensure good health

17 December 2017 | Health news

It cleanses, hydrates and refreshes – there’s nothing quite like a nice cool glass of water. And not only does it feel satisfying, drinking water is vital for our bodies to function.

Six signs you may need cataract surgery

NICE guidance on cataracts – base it on patient need, not eye tests

27 October 2017 | Health news

Cataracts are a common eye condition. As you get older the lens inside your eye gradually changes and becomes less transparent and this affects your ability to see. 


Will Adams NHS Treatment Centre wins praise for endoscopy services

13 September 2017 | Team news

Endoscopy services at Will Adams NHS Treatment Centre have been given the seal of approval by the watchdog responsible for overseeing national accreditation.