GP praises Peninsula Treatment Centre

21 February 2020

When Dr Susanne Charlton a GP at Port View Surgery, needed treatment for trigger thumb and a carpal tunnel decompression, she turned to Peninsula Treatment Centre in Plymouth.

Susanne, who lives in Launceston, and is also a clinical assistant in radiotherapy at Derriford Hospital, had been experiencing pain in her arm and hand on and off for over three years. She said: “It was becoming difficult at work, with driving and using the computer, affecting my cello playing and my sleep so that I was tired all the time. I’d had a couple of injections over the years which worked in the short term, but it became apparent that I might need surgery to resolve the problem.”Susanne Charlton

Susanne is now recovering from her operation at Peninsula Treatment Centre and is looking forward to returning to her cello, which she plays with two orchestras, including the South West Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir. “Getting full function back in my arm and hand will be important for my music,” she said, “especially the modern pieces we perform from musical theatre, films and gaming, which are often more difficult than traditional classical music.”

Also she is hoping, one day, to start writing again, following the success of her novel “Without Borders, Syria.”

Of her care at Peninsula Treatment Centre, Susanne says: “As a GP, I refer my patients to Peninsula, and I am also one of its satisfied patients. The experience as a patient is brilliant – the staff are lovely, helpful, friendly and professional and the hospital is efficiently-run and spotlessly clean.”

She added: “Whilst excellent quality of care and good outcomes are important, so too, is the welcome and friendliness of those who look after you – as a patient that makes you feel more at ease and confident in the care you are getting. For all of this, I would thoroughly recommend the Peninsula Treatment Centre”

Mark White, Hospital Director at Peninsula Treatment Centre, added: “We are delighted to hear that Susanne is pleased with the care she has received from us. An outstanding patient experience sits at the heart of everything we do.”