Eat, drink and be healthy!

28 July 2021

Assorted vegetables arranged by colourGood nutrition is vital at any age but, as we age, it becomes increasingly important as, from the age of 50, we no longer extract the optimum nutrients from our food. As a result, we need to think more about how people get their key nutrients, especially as their appetites become smaller.

Here are six top tips from our experts to help you eat and drink well:

  1. For optimal health, drink a litre and a half of water a day
  2. Smoothies and soups are an excellent way to consume lots of different coloured fruit and vegetables, whatever your age
  3. Lime is a surprising good substitute for salt and doesn’t increase blood pressure
  4. For hot summer days, make your own healthy ice lollies by freezing drinks or even yoghurts onto sticks using moulds. They’re tasty and help with hydration
  5. Use lots of chopped vegetables to bulk out mince dishes and stews
  6. Buy pre-chopped frozen fruit and vegetables – there is no waste, as you use what you need and the hard work is done, speeding up the cooking time or giving you a smoothie in seconds.