Devizes NHS Treatment Centre rated ‘Good’

13 February 2017

Devizes NHS Treatment Centre has been rated ‘Good’ by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

The Devizes NHS Treatment Centre, which opened in 2006, was visited by CQC inspectors in September last year. The inspectors reported on two core services: surgical services and the outpatient and diagnostic imaging service.Devizes

Both services were rated ‘Good’ across all appropriate areas including safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led.

A number of positive aspects drew the inspectors’ attention. They found that patient feedback was positive for care and treatment, and that patients were kept informed and played a proactive role in their treatment; The treatment provided was patient-centred and all staff was caring, kind and compassionate; referral targets at the centre were being met consistently; patients were given a choice of suitable appointments and treatment was cancelled or delayed only when necessary; the service provided to patients was responsive to their needs and reasonable adjustments made for patients living with dementia or learning disabilities; patient feedback was actively sought and used to make improvements; staff feedback about leadership was generally positive, and; the senior management team were visible, approachable and supportive.

The CQC inspectors thought that the Centre’s multidisciplinary meetings were ‘Outstanding’ as they gave staff the opportunity to discuss patient requirements and put reasonable adjustments in place at the earliest opportunity.

Devizes NHS Treatment Centre provides a range of elective surgery and diagnostic services to NHS patients. Treatment areas include orthopaedics, general surgery, endoscopy, gastroenterology, gynaecology, urology, knee surgery and hip procedures, foot and ankle procedures, hand procedures, diagnostic imaging, ENT, ophthalmology and oral surgery.

The Centre has recently invested in its endoscopy suite and it has achieved national recognition for its services now having Joint Advisory Group (JAG) accreditation for its endoscopy services.

Where a GP agrees that treatment is required, patients can ask to be referred to Devizes NHS Treatment Centre for their treatment.

Speaking of the CQC report and rating, Hospital Director Patricia Warwick commented: “My thanks and congratulations go to our teams who have, together, achieved this very pleasing result. What it means for local patients is that they can be confident of some of the best treatment and care in the area. The result is a reflection of the high standards of care and professionalism displayed by colleagues every day.”

In the Friends and Family Test (a measure carried out by every clinical environment in the country) Devizes NHS Treatment Centre achieved the remarkable average score of 99 per cent of patients stating that they would recommend the hospital to their nearest and dearest. The hospital scored 99 per cent for both day cases and outpatients.

The result followed an outstanding performance by Devizes NHS Treatment Centre in the Patient Led Assessments of the Care Environment (PLACE) measure. Here, the hospital outperformed the national average against all PLACE criteria. The hospital achieved 100 per cent for cleanliness; over 84 per cent for privacy, dignity and wellbeing; more than 99 per cent for condition, appearance and maintenance; over 90 per cent for dementia provision, and; more than 96 per cent for disability provision.

Comments made by patients on Facebook include: “would choose Devizes every time” and; “it was brilliant.”