Mealtime Inspiration: Healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes

2 September 2020

ToastWe’re here with more mealtime inspiration! Our ‘Breakfast, lunch and dinner’ food series is all about good food, quick food and using up whatever you have in the cupboard. Don’t have something the recipe calls for? Substitute it for something you do have.


Posh toast topping

Makes one serving

2 slices bread

50g strawberries, halved

25g ricotta

1 tsp honey

2 mint leaves (optional)

Toast the two slices of bread as you normally would. Meanwhile, wash and halve the strawberries and put to one side. Once the toast is ready, put onto a large plate. Spread half the ricotta onto each piece of toast, and finish by drizzling the honey and sprinkling the strawberries over the top. If you’re feeling extra fancy, finely chop a couple of mint leaves and sprinkle over too.



Quick couscous

Makes four servings

700ml boiling water

225g couscous, dried

1 ½ chicken stock cube

12 cherry tomatoes, quartered

12 olives (in olive oil), chopped

2 tbsp olive oil (from the olives)

1 small tin sweetcorn, drained

¼ cucumber, finely chopped

1 small onion, finely chopped

1 tin tuna, flaked (optional)

Boil 700ml of water in a kettle. Meanwhile, add the dried couscous into a large heatproof bowl. Pour the boiled water on the couscous, crumble the stock cubes over the top, mix together, then set to one side with a tea towel covering the top. Leave for five minutes. Prepare the vegetables (and tuna, if you are using). Once the five minutes is up, or when the water has soaked into the couscous, you can then add the rest of the ingredients and mix it all together. Serve onto four dishes, or leave to cool and refrigerate for another day.



Antipasti salad

Makes three to four servings

1 large romaine lettuce, chopped

115g prosciutto, sliced into strips

115g salami, chopped

85g artichoke hearts, chopped

90g olives,

75g roasted peppers, chopped

Salad dressing to taste

Once chopped, place all the salad ingredients into a bowl and mix. Pour over the salad dressing and mix again.



Fruit dip

Sometimes fruit on its own just doesn’t cut the mustard and needs a little lift. That is where fruit dip comes in!

Put 100g of low fat cream cheese spread in a bowl (if it’s hard, you may need to leave it to soften for half hour or so), add in 30g of marshmallow fluff spread, 35ml of the fruit juice of your choice and beat together until combined. Chop a handful of your fruit of choice into dip-able chunks then get dipping and enjoy.


Photo by Alina Karpenko on Unsplash