£250,000 of new X-ray equipment for Shepton Mallet Hospital

9 July 2021

A quarter-million-pound investment in new X-ray equipment at Practice Plus Group Hospital, Shepton Mallet will see patients benefit from modern, improved services.

The equipment in the new X-ray room now delivers faster, more accurate images with a lower dose of radiation.Abigail Porter with new X-ray equipment

Radiology manager James Mico said: “This investment has allowed us to bring in equipment that has benefits for patients as well as clinicians.

“We can move the patient into position more easily, which is important when someone has deterioration in their hips or knees.

“The digital image, which is very clear, is also instantly viewable, so we can tell if we have a good, clear image. We can take the decision there and then to take another image rather than having to call patients back.”

Andrew Oakerbee, hospital director of the Care Quality Commission Outstanding-rated centre, said “We are delighted with the investment. Many of our patients are being assessed for hip replacements and knee replacements and minimising the time and movement they have to make for an X-ray helps make it more comfortable for them.

“And, because the process is quicker, it minimises the time patients wait to come in. This is particularly important as it helps us to keep the hospital a Covid-secure environment.”

The new equipment follows on from an investment of more than £25,000 earlier this year to protect ear, nose and throat (ENT) doctors and patients from the risk of Covid infection. The new equipment, called a ‘telepack’, combines a flexible endoscope with an integral light and camera connected to an HD monitor. The endoscope can be deployed through a patient’s nose or mouth by a clinician in full personal protection equipment.

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