Mr Pierluigi Cuomo is a London-based Consultant orthopaedic surgeon with particular expertise in open and arthroscopic knee surgery, hip and knee replacement, orthopaedic oncology.

Mr Cuomo obtained his medical degree from the University of Florence in 1999, before specialising in orthopaedics and traumatology in 2005. He achieved his PhD in mechanical engineering from Imperial College London for his work focusing on ACL reconstruction biomechanics and in vivo instrumented knee function assessment.

He has been a consultant at the department of orthopaedic oncology and reconstructive surgery in Florence University Hospital from 2007 to 2019. During this time, Mr Cuomo gained experience in orthopaedic trauma, knee soft tissue reconstruction, and orthopaedic oncology. Mr Cuomo presented his work at a number of national and international conferences, and was awarded multiple prizes.

In 2019 he moved back to London to join The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in
Stanmore for fifteen months, where he worked as a consultant in the Sarcoma and
Joint Reconstruction Unit. In 2020 he has been appointed Honorary Senior
Lecturer at the Department of Bioengineering where he is leading several
research projects to improve patients surgical outcomes. Currently, he works as Consultant at Practice Plus Group Hospital, Ilford.

Mr Cuomo’s areas of interest are: Hip surgery; hip replacement; knee surgery; knee replacement; knee arthroscopy; ACL reconstruction; patellofemoral disorders management; knee osteotomy; tendon repair; bone tumour surgery; soft tissue tumour surgery; forefoot deformities correction; carpal tunnel release.

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